“When The Pain Never Ends” “FORCED ADOPTION”

"Forced Adoption" The Pain Never Ends,24/24

Well ! there is three generations absolutely destroyed in my family, a respectable loving family once,we were  all about giving our children a safe & happy childhood ,supporting & teaching them to know right from wrong, teaching them to trust in our justice system,as our parents taught us.The order in itselfe {FORCED ADOPTION WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT” is an act of surgery which cuts deep into the hearts & minds of the child(ren) & the family who loved & needed them so much. You never would believe that this could happen to you !! after all we raised children in a loving safe environment without fear of harm. but that was all before  the biggest scandal of the century ,The Government had given social workers targets that had to be met & big bonuses as rewards ,financial gain, money & power hungry bastards who turned the whole system upside down.  our fair blue eyed boy the youngest & the first born great grandson to me,ripped from his loving mums arms after false allegations lies & secret courts where only mum was allowed,all were gagged & unable to speak the truth, he is 4 yrs old now & was forcibly adopted without parental consent 18 months ago,i watch my family( in grief myself)grieving for our boy, driving us into not caring about anything as we used to,most days not speaking about him between ourselves as we should ,but,honestly its too much pain ,its just endless torture not knowing…..anything ,is he well?is he still crying for his mum, is he being loved or mistreated?does he still have his little talking doggy his uncle (13yrs old) gave him on his very last meeting with him. its just another day where “the pain never ends”gills voyager p[cs 014gills voyager p[cs 073