Treated as a criminal for being made redundant

Benefit tales

This was posted today on the ‘Atos Miracles’ facebook page.

SANCTIONS: Just been talking to a friend of mine who was sanctioned for a month after walking out of an appointment with Ingeus as he felt the advisor was belittling him. So anyway he went a month with no money, luckily he had some savings to see him through. He signed on and was due to get paid today however he received no payment. After phoning benefit delivery at the DWP he was informed that he has been sanctioned for another 13 weeks for failing to attend an appointment. He received no letter telling him he might be sanctioned a second time so he had no chance to ask for a reconsideration hence he can’t appeal this decision.
I find it absolutely disgusting that a 62 year old man who has worked all his life and served his country in…

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