Totally humiliated after running out of food and money.

Benefit tales

Original post on the facebook page ‘Bedroom Tax..Think it’s unfair..Join the fight here’

“Totally humiliated today after running out of food and money. I have had to go and phone my Uncle to get me a weeks worth of food just about manage with the Electricity now . Hate this situation . Hate this government . Hate not having a washing machine etc totally hard work living on benefits. Hate to think how bad it can get . We must be survivors on here one way or another”

And some responses

—– “Sounds like my life. I’m on ESA and ends never meet, never much left after bills are paid. So I always go without food for at least 3 days, I don’t have any family to ask for help. I got my self into debt with the bedroomroom tax, and other things due to my mental illness. I just…

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