Second Voice of The Child Conference To Be Held in London

Researching Reform

The second Voice of the Child Conference, which is designed to inspire the family sector to look to more child-friendly practices, is to be held on 24th July in London, this year.

The conference is organised by Cafcass’s Family Justice Young People’s Board (FJYPB), which is made up of around 40 children and young people who have either been through the family justice system or have an interest in it. There are no details on the site about who these children are.

The FJYPB have published a Charter entitled The National Charter For Child Inclusive Justice, which aims to put children at the centre of all proceedings and to be mindful of their welfare throughout.

We like The Charter, we like the idea of the conference and we like that Cafcass is trying. Now all we need is to ensure that the Cafcass officers are properly trained, adhere to…

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  1. Urgent


    Uk Health Public Offices Social Care Workers Stop Stealing our children and abusing them emotionally A Public Enquiry Is Needed Press stop the d notice the public need the truth now The children need their parents in most cases on forced adoptions.

    Parents Grandparents and Children are being abused by the state with no human rights and too scared to complain well we have events to highlight the issues of child stealing trafficking and child abuse by uk officials we have a conference to show people the evidence of Uk state abuse.

    Join The UKS Parents and Grandparents Mums and Dads

    Who are Screaming To Be Heard.

    Please add to your page website blog or share on your social media friends and groups.

    London M25 Road Blockade July 24th 10am south mimms services Herts A1/M25 Junction

    The Candle Light Vigil
    (Not Real Candles Please)

    July 24th 1500 to 2000 Soho Square W1

    The Children Screaming To Be Heard Conference

    Free Tickets Holloway Road London.

    9.45 Albina Koumirova will speak of her art exhibition for the children – 15 minutes
    10.00 Rosie, the little girl who spoke in the House of Commons last year, told MP’s how she was denied her rights to be with her family as a child – 20 minutes
    10.20 Michael Unsworth. Short video from the Australian who wrote and recorded the song Calling Me, Calling You – 10 minutes
    10.30 Laura Lian, the sculptress, who has designed the monument for the abused children – 10 minutes
    10.40 The Emperor Rosko, famous DJ. A short statement read out on why he is supporting the charity – 5 minutes
    10.45 Tim Spearman, author of the book launched at the conference and written for the children – 15 minutes
    11.00 John Hemming MP – 30 minutes – with questions and answers
    11.30 Vicky Haigh via video link – paedophile’s and the families – 15 minutes
    11.45 Coffee Break
    12.15 Sonia Poulton, journalist and broadcaster, a voice for the people – 20 minutes
    12.35 Brian Daniels, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, speaking on the drugging of children – 25 minutes
    13.00 Lunch until 14.30
    14.30 Ian Joseph – forced adoption, a punishment without a crime – 30 minutes
    15.00 Dr. C. Dennhey, Child Psychiatrist speaking on extended families – 30 minutes
    15.30 Michael Bailey, Barrister of Tanfield Chambers – 30 minutes
    16.00-17.00 Questions and Answers

    The Charity

    Free Tickets for the conference


    Art Exhibition Book Launch
    Albina Koumirova a Russian artist has agreed to show to the world for the first time her paintings which graphically depicts the British Justice and the Closed Family Courts that leave the children screaming to be heard. This is one art exhibition not to be missed you will need a tissue for your tears.
    The painting shown here Albina has kindly donated for the cover of the forth coming book written by the well known Author Timothy Spearman this book “21st Century Lebensborne children screaming to be heard” will be published and available to order at the conference then the world will read a best selling book and along with Albinas paintings the world will again know the truth of the abuse of the British children and of the powers of the SS who are still ruling on mass in the 21st Century from the days when the SS were put into power by Hitler following on to British Governments in the 21st Century.

    The Evidence For Protesting Peacefully at all these events.

  2. The conference should be the first voice of the child or one voice for the children as they are screaming to be heard sadly ALL Goverment agencies in a childs best interested is denying these future generation citizens their human rights and the right to a family life

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