Researching Reform on The JVS Show: Why Overnight Contact is Not A Right

Researching Reform

It’s caused a great deal of controversy, but Penelope Leach’s view that overnight stays for separated fathers with children under five may not always be right for the child is one we agree with, and we say so on the JVS show. 

Contact is a highly emotive debate amongst many separating couples, and some forget that what is right for the child is not always what a parent wants in terms of overnight stays. Whilst there are plenty of couples who do take the view that small children should experience overnight contact when they’re ready, and we know fathers (and mothers) who have waited, and have seen no damage to their relationship with their child (all in fact, would say waiting bolstered it), there are those who feel they are  entitled to assert what they perceive to be ‘ their right to contact’.

Researching Reform has always been about the…

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