New Vox Political book’s title says it all – Health Warning: Government!

Vox Political

140605HWG Cover story: The cover of the new Vox Political collection, Health Warning: Government!

The biggest – and, most often, the worst – political events of early 2013 have been immortalised in print, in the new Vox Political book, Health Warning: Government!

The follow-up to last year’s cult hit Strong Words and Hard Times covers all the biggest stories and scandals in almost 350 pages of fully-referenced facts, including the Coalition’s bid to privatise the NHS by stealth (Your NHS will die… unless YOU act now), the rise of the bedroom tax (Lunatics in charge of the asylum – the only way the Bedroom Tax makes sense), and of course the Coalition’s reintroduction of slavery after the courts judged that sanctions against people who refused to carry out mandatory work activity were illegal (‘Worse than two bald men fighting over a comb’).

The shadowy details…

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