MPs claim more than £5m in ‘housing benefit’ expenses

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MPs claim more than £5m in ‘housing benefit’ expenses by Inside Housing

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254 MPs are claiming more in expenses to pay their rent than the maximum someone in Westminster can claim in housing benefit, research by Generation Rent shows.


In total, taxpayers paid more than £5 million in 2013 to rent second homes for 335 MPs with constituencies outside London. Half of them claimed more than £1,675 a month in rent, and the biggest rent claim was for £2,467 a month. Monthly rent for the typical London household is £1,300. The highest rent claim, for £2,467 per month, was by North Antrim MP Ian Paisley.

A spokesperson from Generation Rent said: ‘Just living in a rented house doesn’t make an MP an expert on private renting. Because it’s not their money they have no idea what it’s really like to see half your income eaten up…

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