Iain Duncan Smith-Finally Hears Truth By Himself Being Called A “SCROUNGER!!!” VIDEO

Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets!


Salma Yaqoob Calls Tory Iain Duncan Smith A ‘Scrounger’ On BBC’s Question Time (VIDEO) by Huffinton Post


Street Democracy writes:

After years of Tory hatred propaganda aided with biased, socially disconnected, bought and paid for controlled mainstream media headlines, and after years of Tory social scorn and disdain with the demonisation of the welfare claimant, Iain Duncan Smith has crucified the poor into financial destitution.


IDS,’s time in office rampantly, slashing benefits by claiming it is beyond human decency to be on them in the first place, Iain Duncan Smith, one of the psychopathic minds leading this Tory iron fist of blue morally bankrupt agenda, has slammed and crashed down upon the poor without mercy.


We are experiencing massive repression and the unemployed, those unable to contribute towards a working week of long hours of gruel and low wages, our lives have been structured as if we’re on detention.


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