Grandparents who Fought to Prevent Their Granddaughter from Being Adopted – And Won

Researching Reform

Sentiments from families, all too familiar for those who work inside the justice system on a regular basis:

‘Being made to give up on [our granddaughter] would have been like a bereavement.. The shocking thing is how close we came to that point. Essex were so hell-bent on keeping us out that they seemed to forget what was best for India.’

‘There are, unfortunately, certain assumptions made about you when you’ve got a big family: that you’re irresponsible or chaotic, that you’re out for what you can get from the system,’

‘The Parkers describe the process that followed as riddled with incompetence, distortion and dishonesty from social workers who knew that the privacy rules and reporting restrictions then applied in family courts meant their decisions were unlikely to be held to account.’

‘They gave us smaller and smaller hoops to jump through… We were supposed to trip up.’

‘They were accused…

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