Gove and Trojan Horses – Why The Government Will Win Their Jihad But Lose The War

Researching Reform

It’s all over the news this morning, as is Michael Gove with his irritatingly nasal rallying cry, that schools in Birmingham may be being targeted by radical Islamic fundamentalists. 

After an inspection by Ofsted of several schools in the area, which appeared to be alienating non-Muslim pupils and excluding them from school events, the government has launched a counter-attack on what Ofsted is calling the promotion of a “culture of fear and intimidation” within the education system in Birmingham.

That counter attack is taking the form of a drive to promote British Values in schools, in the hope that this will quell any recruitment drive disguised as a Trojan Horse. But this strategy is both ill-conceived and highly dangerous in a world where abysmal economic realities have already heightened tensions around the immigration debate.

Whilst Gove’s latest stance on “Being British” will no doubt go down well with those already…

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