Conference: Children Screaming To Be Heard – Attend, Attend, Attend!

Researching Reform

Maggie Tuttle over at Children Screaming to Be Heard, a charity dedicated to helping children inside the care system find their voice and speak out about the often appalling treatment they receive (including denial of contact with parents and extended family), has put together a cracking conference, and worth going to if you can find the time.

The tickets are absolutely free. The event takes place on 25th July, from 9am-5pm, at Resource for London, on Holloway Road.

NB Although we tend to caveat posts like these where people have asked us to highlight an issue (by explaining that the individuals involved in these events may not hold the same point of view as us, and so we are not endorsing specific people unless we state otherwise), we didn’t caveat this time. And it caused confusion (among the slightly less sharp).

So, our stance, as always is this: we are…

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